connecting the dots for research-driven education
We support STEM education through:
  • grant writing and development
  • curriculum development
  • research & evaluation
  • professional development

A Range of Ways to Work with Clients

Our Mission is ultimately to support kids and educators as they learn to do authentic science, engineering, mathematics, and computing. Kids everywhere should have the chance to put learning into practice with fun, engaging experiences. 

Toward that end, we work with clients in a range of ways, from short consultations to more involved collaborations and partnerships. We design, evaluate, and improve learning materials and environments for PreK-8 children and their teachers, using an engineering process: investigate the needs of the end users, explore possible designs, create and test materials in real-world learning settings, evaluate their efficacy with a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, decide how best to improve...and test again!  

Whether you need an experienced evaluator to give detailed feedback on your program or project, assistance with a grant proposal, a trusted and multi-faceted collaborator for research-based curriculum design to meet a specific goal, or a quick consultation to help you make progress...we can help.

Cathy P. Lachapelle, PhD
Carolyn DeCristofano, MEd

   Liz Parry, BS EM/ME